Turnkey solutions

From our facilities in Canada, LightboxSupplies offer a complete turnkey solution for your project from start to finish. From design, shop drawing, aluminum frame, LED lights, back lit graphic printing, sewing, assembly, testing, logistics, installation instruction to supervision, we can take care every phase of your projects.

UL Certified

All our lightboxes are UL certified and our production site is UL certified also with inspections quarterly to maintain up to date standards.

Aluminum Frames

Our aluminum frame profiles are designed by our engineers and the cutting, welding, and bending are all done in house for quick turnaround.

LED Lights

All the LED lights are designed in Canada and UL recognized sign components. Also with different color temperatures.

Dye-Sub Print

Our dye sublimation printing are finighed with heat transfer so that the color are vibrant and long lasting. We can print up to 10' wide seamless.


Our in-house sewing facility works with other departments to ensure quality finishing through the use of Silicone Edge Graphics.

Custom Design

We work with our clients to develop new products to provide solutions to fit their needs. Can aslo provide AutoCAD drawings to give clients as well as instructions to help clients assemble their design.

lumi ceiling

Ceiling Lighting

The right light in the right place

lumi ceiling

Ceiling Lightbox

Positive influence on the mood in the workplace

Wall Mount Light Box

Illuminated by back lit LED System

Trade Show Light Box

Puts your booth in the right light

Custom Light Box

Custom curves and shapes can be integrated

Wall mount fabric display that is non lit

SEG Fabric Frame

Light weight and easy to change graphic

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