Blue Sky Lightbox: 1 simple way to brighten up your office!

Blue Sky Lightbox: 1 simple way to brighten up your office!

Bring a little outdoor inside with our Blue Sky Lightbox!

It’s no secret that having an outdoor view or access to nature helps with stress and productivity. The Journal of Environmental Psychology describes this new phenomenon call “biophilia” — human beings’ natural desire to be connected with nature. The study shows that staring at an image of natural scenery for 40 seconds was enough to trigger the brain into a more relaxed state.

So if you have a windowed view or maybe space for plants – great! But what if you don’t have the luxury of space or accessibility to windows? Our Blue Sky Lightbox would be a perfect solution!

Our Own Blue Sky Lightbox

Our office decided to install the blue sky lightbox into our own office. As our ceiling is a T-Bar ceiling, we were able to mount our lightboxes directly onto it. Aside from T-Bar mounting, we can also do surface mount, recessed and hanging ceiling lightboxes, all depending on the structure of your own ceiling.

With our production team, we were able to print fluffy white clouds that helps release our stress when we just lean back and look up. If skies aren’t your thing, we are able to print whatever you desire! Forest, deep space, maybe even underwater! Whatever the image, our sales team will be able to work with you to make the perfect nature scenery for your office. Here are some of the details and specs for our Blue Sky Lightbox.


  • Size: Each panel 4’x6′, total 5 panels
  • Frame Profile: LB-80 3″ profile
  • LED color temperature: 5300K
  • Power Consumption: 120W for each panel
  • Power Supply: HLG-60-24
  • Graphic: Dye-sub print on flame resistant fabric
  • UL Certified

Aside from prints, we are also able to do a simple white lightbox. This is a great option for showrooms or lobby areas or if you are just going for a simple and sophisticated look. Whatever the option, we are able to work with you to help you create that open office look! Contact our sales team today to begin on your next creative project!

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