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Simple Wall mount Lightbox Installation (5 easy steps!)

Making lightbox installation easy

Many think that installing a lightbox is complicating. That you need many tools and hours to set up. But in reality it is really simple. Check out this video below:

Wall mount Lightbox installation in 5 steps?

Yep! 5 steps to building a stunning and captivating our wall mount lightbox:

  1. Connect Frame
  2. Tighten Screws
  3. Fasten Lights
  4. Mount Frame
  5. Install Graphic

That’s all there is to it! 5 simple steps on how to install our wall mount lightbox!

Our wall mount lightboxes are great for storefronts or to be use as a permanent fixture display. However, they are also simple enough for you to exchange the graphic with minimal efforts, allowing you to have a fresh look without reinstalling a new frame.

Our wall mount lightboxes are great for storefronts and even have installed it for supermarkets! We have different specs/profile thickness for our wall mount lightbox that you can find here. For more information, please contact our sales team today!

Showroom Illuminated Ceiling

Simple and sophisticated, our illuminated ceiling lightboxes are great for showrooms

Why illuminated ceiling?

Regardless a showroom, a lobby or a large room, a brightly lit room helps bring clarity on the product as well as a warm and welcoming atmosphere that helps increase the sophistication of your space. Lightbox supplies proudly present our line of illuminated ceiling built here in Canada for all your illuminated ceiling needs.

Customizable in size, frame colour, mount options and light temperature, the options are limitless.

Customizable in every way


Available in the following standard sizes: (LIST STANDARD SIZES)

Our ceiling lightboxes are also customizable so that they can fit your specific needs. We can build frames as small as 2′ x 2′ to as big as 10′ x 100′.

Frame Colour

Available in iodized silver, white or black powder coating.


Our ceiling lightboxes are available recessed, hanging, T-bar mounted or surfaced mounted.

LED Colour Temperature

Available in two temperatures, our lights can also be customized to be adjustable as well as dimmable.

Canada based. Quality assured

Produced in Canada, our sales team will work with you to produce the ceiling lightbox that you are looking for. Our lights are all UL certified and we can also provide assistance on installation also. We can even provide prints if you want to change from a simple white warm light to a beautiful sky or any other prints. Whatever the project, we will be able to provide top notch service to you! Contact our sales team to begin your project today!

Supermarket Lightboxes: How to captivate your potential customers in 1 second

Supermarket Lightbox Displays to highlight store products, advertisements and wayfinding signage

Need supermarket lightboxes? We got it.

Supermarkets are a perfect place for our fabric displays. Our displays can be used for product promotion, advertisement, or wayfinding signage. Captivating and attention-grabbing, they are perfect to highlight the various products the stores are selling. We work with multiple supermarkets around the city to create various displays that they need.

While we’re just highlighting our projects for supermarkets, they are great for any storefronts that want to advertise their products in a eye catching and exciting way. Storefront lightboxes helps you grab the attention of your customers. In our busy lifestyle, if you want your potential customers to stop and look at your product, storefront lightboxes will grab their attention.

Why Supermarket Lightboxes?

There are many benefits to a fabric displays over your standard board displays. While initial cost to set up might be slightly higher, there are more lasting benefits to a fabric displays. Once the frames are assembled and installed, should you ever need to change the display, our silicon edge fabric allow store employees to simply remove the fabric and reinstall the new fabric without the need to take down the frames, allowing for minimal time spent on setting up new displays.

When stored properly, the fabric can be reused at a later date, allowing a cycle of graphics to rotate through the store without added cost. Our non-lit stretch fabric are printed on dye-sub ink and can be machine washed should fabric get dirty. Our displays are designed to be durable and long lasting, providing stores with long term displays while allowing fresh artwork to be displayed at minimal effort and cost.

Depending on the need of the display, our dedicated production team will work with you from beginning to end to ensure displays that work for you. Whether they are freestanding, hanging signs, window displays, non-lit, lightboxes, rectangular or odd shaped displays, we have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to get the job done. Contact our sales team today for more information and questions regarding our lightboxes!

See some of our displays for our various supermarket lightboxes!

Ceiling Lightbox: How to cheer up your indoor workspace!

Ceiling lightboxes that give a different and positive vibe to how can i buy testosterone the workplace

If you work at a 9-5 desk job, you know how popular window desks are, why? Because an access to the outside world while stuck indoors can help with creating a positive mood, which leads to increase positivity. So how else can we make our mundane offices more “outdoor”? LightboxSupplies has the solution: Ceiling lightbox.

Why Ceiling Lightboxes?

Ceiling lightboxes are great for the workplaces because it helps give the impression that you are outdoor. We did it with our own office. Imagine just staring at the screen too long, you lean back on your chair and look up, rather than looking at a boring ceiling, you are able to see a blue sky with some clouds. Certainly that will take some stress off and help you refocus and get back to being productive.

If sky is not your thing, perhaps an ocean view, shooting stars, or even a forest ceiling? Whatever you desire, we can do it.

Our lightboxes can be integrated into the ceiling, mount directly onto the ceiling or suspended. It is customizable to fit the space you need. Contact us today for more details on our ceiling lightboxes!


  • Size: 10′ x 20′
  • Frame Profile: LB-150 6″ profile, powder coated black color
  • LED color temperature: 5300K
  • Power Consumption: 1200W for each panel
  • Power Supply: HLG-150-24
  • Graphic: Dye-sub print on flame resistant fabric
  • UL Certified

Stunning Trade Show Display with Lightbox Supplies!

Captivate potential clients with an eye-catching trade show display.

Trade shows are crucial to the continued success of a business. There are countless benefits to how a tradeshow can help make your business boon. Beyond having pre-show meetings and being active on social media like the following Forbes article suggests, an eye-catching trade show is needed to capture the attention of your potential client. The couple extra seconds that they stop to look at your booth could be the difference between getting their contact information or letting a potential lead slip away.

What makes our trade show displays stand out?

Our Trade Show Lightbox line features an aluminum extruded frame with a clean, sophisticated look that utilizes fabric graphics and illuminated with bright, latticework LEDs. Customizable in sizes, we are able to make simple lightbox displays as well as complex modular systems. We are also able to build in shelving as well as TV mounts to make your display multi-functional. Throw in a counter or a table throw to stand behind your promotional table and you have yourself a captivating display that will assuredly draw the attention of your potential clients.

If you’re unsure yet how you want your trade show display to look, please contact our sales team today and we can work with you on coming up with a design, we can also provide you with a 3D rendering that can give you an idea on how your potential display will look like. Connect with us today!

Blue Sky Lightbox: 1 simple way to brighten up your office!

Bring a little outdoor inside with our Blue Sky Lightbox!

It’s no secret that having an outdoor view or access to nature helps with stress and productivity. The Journal of Environmental Psychology describes this new phenomenon call “biophilia” — human beings’ natural desire to be connected with nature. The study shows that staring at an image of natural scenery for 40 seconds was enough to trigger the brain into a more relaxed state.

So if you have a windowed view or maybe space for plants – great! But what if you don’t have the luxury of space or accessibility to windows? Our Blue Sky Lightbox would be a perfect solution!

Our Own Blue Sky Lightbox

Our office decided to install the blue sky lightbox into our own office. As our ceiling is a T-Bar ceiling, we were able to mount our lightboxes directly onto it. Aside from T-Bar mounting, we can also do surface mount, recessed and hanging ceiling lightboxes, all depending on the structure of your own ceiling.

With our production team, we were able to print fluffy white clouds that helps release our stress when we just lean back and look up. If skies aren’t your thing, we are able to print whatever you desire! Forest, deep space, maybe even underwater! Whatever the image, our sales team will be able to work with you to make the perfect nature scenery for your office. Here are some of the details and specs for our Blue Sky Lightbox.


  • Size: Each panel 4’x6′, total 5 panels
  • Frame Profile: LB-80 3″ profile
  • LED color temperature: 5300K
  • Power Consumption: 120W for each panel
  • Power Supply: HLG-60-24
  • Graphic: Dye-sub print on flame resistant fabric
  • UL Certified

Aside from prints, we are also able to do a simple white lightbox. This is a great option for showrooms or lobby areas or if you are just going for a simple and sophisticated look. Whatever the option, we are able to work with you to help you create that open office look! Contact our sales team today to begin on your next creative project!