Frame Profiles

There are different profiles in stock in our warehouses, produced from industry standard 6063T5 aluminum with a clear anodized coating. If you would like custom shapes for your special project, Lightbox Supplies can create and customized for you.

Back Lit LED Light

LightboxSupplies Back Lit LED light is UL certified LED lighting system that provides uniform surface lighting that can cover any size or shape. Suitable for ceiling, wall-mounted and free standing applications.


File Specifications

The following graphic specifications are universal for all files

Naming convention: <name>_<ordernumber>.

Accepted file formats: PDF, TIFF, JPG

Color mode: RGB, CMYK 

Resolution: 85-150 DPI depends on the size

Bleed: Leave a 1″ total bleed, 1/2″ for each side


IMPORTANT NOTE: All the files submitted must be a copy of the original with the layers merged or flattened. Any file which does not conform to these guidelines will not be accepted. Following the file name convention will streamline the file submission process.