Stunning Trade Show Display with Lightbox Supplies!

Stunning Trade Show Display with Lightbox Supplies!

Captivate potential clients with an eye-catching trade show display.

Trade shows are crucial to the continued success of a business. There are countless benefits to how a tradeshow can help make your business boon. Beyond having pre-show meetings and being active on social media like the following Forbes article suggests, an eye-catching trade show is needed to capture the attention of your potential client. The couple extra seconds that they stop to look at your booth could be the difference between getting their contact information or letting a potential lead slip away.

What makes our trade show displays stand out?

Our Trade Show Lightbox line features an aluminum extruded frame with a clean, sophisticated look that utilizes fabric graphics and illuminated with bright, latticework LEDs. Customizable in sizes, we are able to make simple lightbox displays as well as complex modular systems. We are also able to build in shelving as well as TV mounts to make your display multi-functional. Throw in a counter or a table throw to stand behind your promotional table and you have yourself a captivating display that will assuredly draw the attention of your potential clients.

If you’re unsure yet how you want your trade show display to look, please contact our sales team today and we can work with you on coming up with a design, we can also provide you with a 3D rendering that can give you an idea on how your potential display will look like. Connect with us today!

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